UK Universities and Schools that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Program

The hunt for UK Universities that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Master’s programs has grown in recent years, as more overseas students wish to pursue a Master’s degree at a UK university.

This is because the United Kingdom is one of the most highly regarded and respected countries in the world, with an excellent educational system.

Are you wondering if a Master’s degree with a third class is attainable in the UK?

If you answered yes, you have come to the correct place since this post will offer you with a list of UK Universities that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters. With the deliciousness in this article, we’ve got you covered.

In the United Kingdom, many universities accept HND and 3rd class for Masters degrees. And anyone may be eligible for a Master’s degree, even if they only have a high school certificate or are not from the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom (UK) boasts numerous prominent universities that are regarded among the best in the world. As a result, it is one of the most popular selections for students worldwide. Statistics also show that over 150,000 overseas students come to the United Kingdom each year to study at UK universities (every year).

It is a terrific alternative for people who want to obtain an education from world-class institutions and stand out among the best in the world to study abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom.

There are many universities in the UK that will accept you if you match their prerequisites. This page will reveal the UK universities that accept a third class for Master’s degrees.

List of UK Universities Accepting HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters Degrees
We have produced a solid list of some of the greatest universities in the UK that are worth checking out, from which you will undoubtedly benefit.

The universities listed below accept HND certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

South Wales University

The University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales is the first on our list of UK Universities that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

The Institution of South Wales is a well-known public research university not just in Cardiff, Whales, but also in the United Kingdom and around the world.

With a huge student population, data suggest that it is the third largest university in Wales in terms of student population (Current rate 2021-2022).

The largest universities are the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, which is the largest, and Cardiff Metropolitan University, which is the second largest.

The University of South Wales is ranked third on the list. For students pursuing a Master’s degree, this South Wales University (UK) recognizes HNDs and 3rd class degrees.

It is a huge institution, including campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Wrexham.

The complex is stretched across 18 or around 19 acres of land and contains numerous facilities and equipment. Sports facilities such as gymnasiums, an indoor swimming pool, and a fitness center are among the popular facilities at this university.

Others include cafés and other amenities for students who require them frequently during their studies at this university.

Another thing to consider about this university is the courses it offers.

This university provides the following courses:

Among them are Business Management, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Management, Mathematics, Psychology, and Sociology.

This university gets five stars from us.

More information is available on their official website.

University of Swansea

Swansea University is the second university on this list. Being one of Wales’ top-ranked universities. This university is also known as “the students’ choice.” This is due to the large number of overseas students.

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Swansea University is distinguished by the availability of a diverse range of programmes to meet the needs of all students.

The University of Swansea accepts HNDs from prospective students in Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone for admission to its Master’s programs in the United Kingdom.

Although it has a high rate of acceptance, the entry criteria is a 2:2 GPA from your undergraduate degree.

Visit their website for additional information.

Salford University

Salford University is a welcoming learning environment for all.

The University of Salford is described above as a welcoming learning environment that provides a vibrant learning environment. Also included are industry-focused courses that will prepare you for success both within the school and after graduation.

They have experienced teachers and professionals in various fields who will teach you to the highest level possible, and applying what you’ve learned will always make you the greatest in real-world scenarios or reality. Placements, field visits, live projects, and other prominent features of this institution include:

What are the entrance requirements?

Applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a reputable and well-known Nigerian university, as well as a minimum second-class lower (2:2) degree classification.

Medical school grads may also be considered for admission.

More information can be found on their website,

Metropolitan University of London

London Metropolitan University is a world-renowned educational institution in London.

This institution stands out due to its placement in a warm and friendly environment in one of the world’s most attractive cities (London).

The University is a multifaceted institution with a large regional student body. Having international students from all around the world allows you to meet people from various walks of life.

Postgraduate courses are also available to individuals with third-class degrees from a recognized Nigerian university.

However, they, like any other university, have standards or criteria that candidates must meet in order to be admitted.

A minimum of three years of full-time relevant work experience after finishing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria is one of the prerequisites. Or an additional professional certification and two years in Nigeria after completing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

It is a world-class university where students can apply for Masters with an HND or a third-class degree.

More information is available on their website;

University of Rockhampton

Rockhampton University, London, is another UK university that accepts HND certificates and 3rd Class for Masters degrees.

The Institution of Rockhampton (Rockhampton University) is a public university in London, England. It has three major campuses, one in Rockhampton, one in Wandsworth, and one in London. It, like the others on our list, is worth considering because it can cater to your preferences as a Nigerian student or anywhere in the world.

What are the requirements or qualifications?

A second-class honors degree from a reputable British or international university is usually required to apply for a master’s degree.

Some programs, however, may require a 2:1.

You could inquire about the fate of people who have a third class.


Because they will consider an applicant’s entire circumstances while making a decision on admission, those with or with a third class are encouraged to apply to this university.

This has already been accepted by the University, so you can apply if it appeals to you.

More information is available on their official website;

University of Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon University: A School for Everyone

This university is known to have close relations to Nigeria. And this could be one of the main reasons for the significant number of Nigerian students on campus at the University.

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Application and admission to this university are simple because there are few protocols or requirements for admission for students from Nigeria.

What are the eligibility requirements?

As previously indicated, the prerequisite is not difficult. However, it, like any other university, has an application and admissions process. Applicants having an A four-year degree and a minimum CGPA of 2.40, as well as a second-class lower classification or an equivalent, are encouraged to apply for postgraduate courses at Robert Gordon University.

More information can also be found on the relevant course page.

Nota bene: For entrance, a small number of universities require a minimum of second-class upper classification or its equivalent.

More information is available on their official website;

Birmingham University College

The fact that you finished with a third-class degree does not preclude you from being admitted to a master’s program.

And it is for this reason that this essay exists to enlighten you.

This means that you can still pursue a master’s degree at the University of Birmingham with your 3rd Class qualification.

However, this university admits third-class certificate holders to a few select Master’s programs in Business.

Napier University in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Napier University is a UK university in Scotland’s capital city. It was established in 1964. The university is well-known for its welcoming climate on campus.

Edinburgh Napier University graduates tend to go on to highly successful occupations after graduation from the University, earning it a high great academic reputation and commendation.

Have you not discovered your ideal university on this list? Then you can look at this.

On the university campus, students can study Business Studies, Engineering, Marketing, and other areas.

Admission Entry Requirement

Unlike the previously stated universities, Edinburgh Napier University admits applicants with an HND or 3rd class and at least 60% in their last two years of undergraduate study. This makes meeting the prerequisites and gaining admission much easier.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website;

Bradford University

The University of Bradford is one of the few UK universities that accept HND certificates and third-class degrees for master’s degrees.

The University of Bradford also offers a Global Development Scholarship to students in financial need who want to study for free.

This university has essentially minimal requirements for admission because its scholarship is intended to alleviate hardship. As a result, it pays little or no attention to a degree class. As a result, anyone can apply for it.

More information is available from the university. You can apply with your HND Certificates and third class once you complete their other conditions.

You can also visit their official website for more information.

Kent University

The University of Kent makes it simple to study. That is, there is no lengthy application process and you have a 90% chance of meeting the standards if you are sincere.

With your third class or HND certificate, you can study for your Master’s degree at the University of Kent or pass without concern.

You can finish your investigation by visiting their official website;

Plymouth University

This university is also one of the few in the UK that accepts HND certificates and third-class master’s degrees.

Being ranked among the top universities in England as of 2021-2022 data. Founded in 1992, with a rapid development rate.

More information is available on their official website;

Universities in the United Kingdom that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters Programs COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS

The following are frequently asked questions about UK Universities that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

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People also inquire;

Do UK universities allow third-year students for Masters programs?

Yes, many UK universities accept HND certificates and 3rd Class for Masters degrees.

This means that HND holders and students with a third class in their bachelor’s degree program can easily study for a master’s degree in the UK.

Can I pursue a Masters degree with a third-class degree?

With a third-class degree, you can apply for a Masters program.

Although most universities are unlikely to be impressed because there are specific prerequisites to meet.

As a result, the answer to this question is yes.

Can I pursue a Masters degree while holding an HND?

Although most Masters programs require a full honors degree, there may still be chances for you as an HND graduate. However, because these offers are limited, you should double-check the course entry requirements.

And all of this has been discussed in this article.

What is the greatest Masters program in the United Kingdom?

When it comes to obtaining your Masters, there are numerous universities in the UK from which to pick.

London Metropolitan University, Gordon University, Kent University, University of South Wales, and University of Bradford are among the best universities to apply to for master’s degrees.

Are HND holders accepted by UK universities?

Many UK universities accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters, however not all.

Gordon University and Kent University are two examples. You can select the one that best suits your financial, academic, and social qualities.

How much does it cost to study in the United Kingdom?

There is no fixed cost to attend any university in the world.

This means that there is no set cost for studying and completing a program in the UK.

However, each university has its own set of prices that you must examine before selecting it as your own preference institution.


Many overseas students aspire to study in the United Kingdom, particularly to obtain a higher education.

Nonetheless, there are basic needs to study in the UK, as each university has its own admissions rules.

You must first select an institution and then conduct additional research on their official website to learn about all of the prerequisites and ensure that you are qualified to seek admission to the university to pursue your Masters degree.

Another consideration when planning and preparing to study in the United Kingdom is the expense of education in that country.

Even if certain colleges are less expensive than others, they cannot be compared to the cost of studying in your home country.

As a result, you must also plan financially and ensure that you can fulfill the monetary requirements to pay your fees.

There are many colleges that are still good, have great standards, and have reasonable costs when compared to others.

You can also acquire a scholarship to study in the UK for free, with all fees reimbursed.

Simply put, you must ensure that you are properly prepared academically, financially, materially, and ethically.

Also, keep in mind that all or nearly all universities in the United Kingdom emphasize on the English language. This implies you must be fluent in both speaking and comprehending English.

Do you want to further your study at any of the universities listed above?

Simply contact us for further assistance or check the official websites of the major universities for more information.


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