15 Best Masters Scholarships in USA

Masters Scholarships in USA

If you’re a US citizen or international student planning to take a postgraduate course in America, master’s scholarships in USA can play a huge role in funding your educational goals.

The United States has a special attraction and happens to be attracting talented students like a magnet.  Studying abroad at an American university allows invaluable academic, professional, and personal growth, and opens up an infinite number of job opportunities after graduation.

Big American universities like Yale have a database of scholarships available to their students plus they direct applicants to their various colleges that offer more financial aid.  However, knowing what you should qualify for if perhaps you were planning to go to a smaller university may require more work.  Start by talking to the school’s finance office, as they usually have information on scholarships for all kinds of students.  You can even search online for scholarships that may be suitable for you, based on your personal circumstances, what you need to study, in your geographical area, and whether you do have a disability that affects your daily life.

What is the requirement for applying for Master’s scholarships in USA?

Each scholarship features its own set of requirements, and the information requested by a particular university or organization will vary.  Generally, you will have to provide evidence of the details you provided in the application form, which will include a copy of your birth certificate or passport, copies of your academic qualifications, and results of your English proficiency if applicable.

What types of Master’s Scholarships are available in USA?

Some college scholarships are on merit.  You can make it by meeting or exceeding certain criteria set by the grantor.  Merit scholarships may be awarded based on academic achievement or on combining academics and special talent, traits, or interests.  Other scholarships depend on financial needs.

Many scholarships are directed towards specific groups of people;  For example, there are scholarships for women or for graduate students.   The scholarship may cover the entire cost of tuition, or it is usually a one-time award of some hundred dollars.  Either way, it is worth applying for, as it helps reduce the price tag on your education.

How do I find Master’s scholarships in USA?

One can learn about scholarships in numerous ways, including contacting the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend and checking information at a public library or online.

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How do I apply for Masters Scholarships in USA?

Each scholarship features its own requirements.  The scholarship website should give you a concept of ​​eligibility for the scholarship and approaches to apply.  Be sure to read the application carefully, complete it completely, and meet the application deadline.

 Am I eligible for a Scholarship?

Eligibility for a scholarship depends entirely on the scholarship; there is absolutely no general rule whether or not you qualify for a financial grant.  Some International scholarships require students to get a specific TOEFL score; some might ask if you are from a specific country.  Some ask you to have a certain grade point average.  You have got to seek information to find out if you qualify for a scholarship.  It might be confusing, but remember that college admissions officers and financial aid experts are here to be useful for finding as much as possible you qualify for.

Best Masters Scholarships in USA

•         Cornaro Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The scholarship considers applications from Kappa Gamma Pi members who are in good standing and accepted into a graduate or professional school.  Applicants submit a list of their academic honors and two letters of recommendation.  The program also requires applicants to submit three essays: one on their history in volunteering, one on their career aspirations, and one on their financial situation.

Amount: $ 5,000


•         NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Who Can Apply: The program only accepts nominations from NCCA member schools.  The schools nominate student-athletes who are in their final year of athletic competition and are admitted to an accredited master’s program.  Schools can nominate former athletes regardless of the year they graduated.  This non-renewable scholarship awards funds for one year only.

Amount: $ 10,000


•         The Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Who Can Apply: To be considered for the program, postgraduate level candidates submit a statement of purpose for an individually designed research project they plan to conduct in a participating foreign country.  Applicants demonstrate their ability to complete the project within a one-year timeframe.  The program examines proposals in several areas, including public policy and global health.

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Amount: varies according to the host country, but generally includes monthly living stipends, health benefits, and round-trip airfare


•         Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The program accepts applications from non-British citizens pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Cambridge.  Applicants demonstrate exceptional academic capabilities, strong leadership qualities, and a history of community participation and commitment to improving the lives of others.  The program does not accept applications from students enrolled in graduate studies in business, finance, or medicine.

Value: Full tuition fees, plus an annual stipend of £ 17,500, a round-trip airfare, and the cost of an additional immigration health fee


•         Kate Neil Kinley Memorial Fellowship

Who Can Apply: This program accepts applications from alumni of the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as graduates in the creative field from other institutions of equal educational standing.  Applicants demonstrate exceptional achievement in their major field of study as evidenced by the quality of work or performance provided with their applications.

Amount: Multiple awards of up to $ 20,000


•         Forte Fellows Program

Who can apply: The fellowship accepts nominations for female MBA students enrolled in its partner schools.  Candidates show a history of community engagement and a strong commitment to mentoring girls and young women.  Schools also nominate part-time students for the fellowship.  The program accepts both US and foreign citizens.

Amount: varies


•         Richard A. Freund International Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Under the administration of the American Society for Quality, this scholarship accepts applications from students who plan to pursue a master’s degree with a focus on quality control, quality assurance, or total quality management.  Applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.25.  The successful candidates study at an American university or a foreign school.

Amount: $ 5,000


•         Olivia James Travel Fellowship

Who Can Apply: Sponsored by the American Archaeological Institute, the program accepts applications from members of AIA in good standing to pursue a master’s degree or doctorate.  Recipients use the award for travel for the purpose of research and study, with the exception of field exploration projects.  Applicants demonstrate the necessity to travel for their program in the application.

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Amount: $ 24,000


•         Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship

Who Can Apply: The American Academy in Rome processes all applications for this joint fellowship program with the American Archaeological Institute.  The fellowship, which is awarded each individual year, is awarded to applicants including graduate students who are pursuing a program in archeology or classical studies.  Eligible applicants hold U.S. citizenship or permanent residency in the United States.

Amount: $ 9,000


•         The Anna C. and Oliver C. Colburn Fellowship

Who Can Apply: The fellowship welcomes graduate students who hold US or Canadian citizenship and are doing research or are enrolled in the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece.  The funding covers only one year of registration.  Eligible applicants include members with a good reputation with the American Archaeological Institute.  The fellowship accepts applications only during even years.

Amount: $ 5,500


•         Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship

Who Can Apply: Graduate students who are researching or working on a scientific project related to the archeology of the Bronze Age in the Aegean can apply for this fellowship opportunity from the American Archaeological Institute.  The program gives preference to applicants who demonstrate that their research or project requires travel to the Mediterranean region.  Eligible applicants study full-time at a North American institution.

Amount: $ 5,000


•         Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships

The American Archeology Association welcomes graduate students who are pursuing a program in the field of American history and culture through 1876. AAS awards the fellowship based on the applicant’s academic qualifications, the scientific significance of the project or research, and the relevance of the subject to its groups.

Amount: $ 1,850 per month


•         Legacy Fellowship

Who Can Apply: The American Archaeological Association accepts graduate students participating in a scholarly study on any topic or topic supported by its groups, specifically American history and culture up to 1876. Applicants submit a description of their research project and a bibliography of relevant and current literature.  An appeal and two letters of recommendation speak directly to the applicant’s proposal and qualifications to conduct research or study.

Amount: $ 1,850 per month



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