New York University Transfer Acceptance Rate and Requirements — 2024

Are you considering transferring to New York University (NYU) and wondering about your chances of acceptance? You’re not alone – each year, NYU receives a staggering 100,000 applications from high school students. While freshman admissions are highly competitive, the good news is that NYU admits thousands of transfer applicants annually, and the acceptance rates are notably higher. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the NYU transfer acceptance rate, application deadlines, requirements, GPA expectations, and more.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate Insights:

In 2022, NYU welcomed 1,712 transfer students out of 8,361 applicants, resulting in a 20.4% acceptance rate. The trend has shown some variability, with the 2021 acceptance rate at 25.8%. Historical data reveals fluctuations, ranging from 41% in 2020 to 22% in 2019.

NYU Transfer Application Deadlines:

NYU offers both fall and spring transfer admission cycles. For fall applicants, the deadline is April 1, while spring applicants must apply by November 1. Note that some programs, like those within the Tisch School of the Arts, only accept fall transfers.

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NYU Transfer Requirements:

To apply successfully, all transfer students must submit a Common App for Transfer, official college transcripts, final high school transcripts, a letter of recommendation, and portfolios for certain majors. While a midterm report may be requested, it is not mandatory for all applicants. NYU encourages thorough research into specific program requirements.

NYU Transfer GPA Insights:

Although NYU doesn’t disclose the average GPA for successful transfers, a GPA of 3.7 or higher is recommended. While lower GPAs are not prohibitive, a GPA within the 3.7-4.0 range strengthens your application.

NYU Transfer Application Essays:

NYU requires transfer applicants to submit an essay addressing reasons for seeking transfer and the objectives they hope to achieve, with a character limit of 2,500.

When Do NYU Transfer Decisions Come Out?

For fall transfers, decisions are typically released between May and June. Spring applicants can expect decisions between November and January.

Final Thoughts on NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate:

For a highly selective university, NYU stands out as relatively “transfer-friendly,” with a 3-4% transfer student composition. Some schools within NYU are more competitive than others, emphasizing the importance of meeting specific transfer requirements.

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If you’re considering transferring to NYU, meeting these requirements increases your chances of a positive outcome. Remember, while some schools like the Stern School of Business have specific preferences, others, such as The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, welcome external transfers annually.


this guide provides a comprehensive overview of NYU transfer opportunities, ensuring you’re well-prepared to navigate the application process successfully. Good luck on your transfer journey to NYU!


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