15 Best Law Schools in New York

Are you aspiring to practice law in the vibrant state of New York? Choosing the right law school is a critical step in your legal journey, and we’ve compiled a detailed guide to help you navigate through the top American Bar Association (ABA) approved law schools in New York. This comprehensive overview includes rankings, median LSAT scores and GPAs, acceptance rates, tuition information, and unique specialties of each institution.

Factors to Consider:

Before delving into the rankings, it’s essential to consider factors such as cost and areas of focus. For New York residents, programs like SUNY Buffalo and CUNY offer cost-effective tuition options. Additionally, part-time programs, available in several institutions, can be a flexible and budget-friendly choice for those juggling work or family responsibilities.

Rankings and Specialties:

Let’s explore the top law schools in New York:

  1. New York University (NYU) – #5
    • Specialties: Criminal Law, International Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Business/Corporate Law, Environmental Law
  2. Columbia University – #8
    • Specialties: Business/Corporate Law, Contracts/Commercial Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Tax Law
  3. Cornell University – #13
    • Specialties: Constitutional Law, Contracts/Commercial Law, Business/Corporate Law, International Law
  4. Fordham University – #29
    • Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Clinical Training, Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, International Law, Business/Corporate Law
  5. St. John’s University – #60
    • Specialties: Legal Writing, Trial Advocacy, Dispute Resolution
  6. Yeshiva University (Cardozo) – #69
    • Specialties: Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law
  7. Albany Law School – #105
    • Specialties: Clinical Training, Environmental Law, Health Care Law, Tax Law
  8. Brooklyn Law School – #111
    • Specialties: Legal Writing, Criminal Law, Business/Corporate Law, Clinical Training, Tax Law
  9. Syracuse University – #122
    • Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law
  10. New York Law School – #125
    • Specialties: Criminal Law, Clinical Training, International Law, Trial Advocacy, Constitutional Law
  11. University at Buffalo—SUNY – #125
    • Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Criminal Law, Legal Writing, International Law, Constitutional Law
  12. Pace University (Haub) – #131
    • Specialties: Environmental Law, Trial Advocacy, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Health Care Law
  13. Hofstra University (Deane) – #140
    • Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Tax Law
  14. CUNY School of Law – #154
    • Specialties: Clinical Training, Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Health Care Law, Constitutional Law
  15. Touro University (Fuchsberg) – #167
    • Specialties: Legal Writing, Contracts/Commercial Law, Health Care Law
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As you embark on the exciting journey of choosing a law school, consider this guide your roadmap to success. Remember that rankings are just one aspect; weigh in factors such as personal fit, specialties, and financial considerations. Good luck on your path to becoming a legal professional in the dynamic landscape of New York!


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