Carnegie Mellon Transfer Acceptance Rate & Requirements —2024

Are you eyeing a transfer to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Renowned for its academic excellence, CMU stands tall as one of the most competitive private universities in the country. In this blog post, we’ll delve into crucial details about the CMU transfer process, including acceptance rates, deadlines, requirements, and more, to guide you on your journey to becoming a Tartan.

Carnegie Mellon Transfer Acceptance Rate:

Securing a spot at CMU through transfer is no easy feat. For the fall of 2022, out of 1,310 transfer applicants, only 96 were successful, resulting in a 7.3% acceptance rate. Interestingly, the acceptance rates vary slightly between male (6.8%) and female (8.2%) transfer applicants. Analyzing historical data, we find that CMU’s transfer acceptance rate has remained relatively steady, with 2021 witnessing a slightly higher rate of 11.2%.

Historical Transfer Rates:

To gauge the consistency of CMU’s transfer acceptance rates, let’s take a look at historical data:

  • 2020: 8.2%
  • 2019: 6.4%
  • 2018: 7.3%
  • 2017: 6.9%
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Carnegie Mellon Transfer Deadline:

Timing is critical when considering a transfer to CMU. The university offers both fall and spring transfer options. For fall applicants, the deadline is February 15, while spring applicants must submit their applications by October 15. However, aspiring students aiming for the College of Fine Arts should note that they must adhere to first-year application deadlines, usually falling between December and January.

Carnegie Mellon Transfer Requirements:

CMU has a set of comprehensive requirements for transfer applicants, including:

  • Common App for Transfer
  • Final high school transcripts
  • Official college transcripts
  • College Report
  • Optional SAT/ACT scores
  • Letter of recommendation (1 required, 1 optional)
  • Course descriptions for each college/university attended
  • Supplemental materials (e.g., portfolios, auditions) for specific programs

To enhance your chances of acceptance, strive for stellar achievements, including a strong GPA (CMU transfer average is 3.75), exceptional high school and college records, and noteworthy achievements beyond the classroom.

Carnegie Mellon Transfer Writing Supplement:

Prepare for three required essays, each with a 300-word limit, addressing your passion for your chosen major, defining a successful college experience, and emphasizing a personal aspect of your application. Applicants to the School of Computer Science should focus on their interest in their chosen major in the first essay.

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CMU Transfer Decision Date:

For fall applicants, decisions are finalized no later than May 15, with spring decisions typically released in early to mid-December.

Final Thoughts:

In the words of CMU, they admit “a small number of transfer students as space permits.” While the process is selective, the approximately 100 individuals admitted in 2022 offer hope to prospective transfers. Keep in mind that fall transfers are possible for all schools except the College of Fine Arts, and spring transfers are limited due to space constraints.


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