UW Madison Transfer Acceptance Rate and Requirements — 2024

Are you an ambitious student looking to make your mark at the renowned University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus? With an ever-growing number of high-caliber applicants, gaining admission straight out of high school can be challenging. However, fear not! UW Madison is a transfer-friendly institution, welcoming over 2,000 new Badgers each transfer cycle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the UW Madison transfer acceptance rate, deadlines, requirements, and more to help you navigate the journey seamlessly.

UW Madison Transfer Acceptance Rate:

For the fall of 2022, UW Madison boasted a transfer acceptance rate of 52.8%, admitting 2,102 students out of 3,974 applications. Gender-wise, the acceptance rates were 49.5% for male applicants and 56.6% for females. Looking back, the university has consistently maintained a transfer acceptance rate in the 45% to 59% range in recent years, ensuring a fair chance for aspiring students.

Historical Data:

Understanding the historical transfer acceptance rates is crucial. Over the past few years, UW Madison has demonstrated stability in its acceptance rates:

  • 2020: 51.9%
  • 2019: 50.6%
  • 2018: 45.7%
  • 2017: 51.7%
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UW Madison Transfer Deadline:

Planning to embark on your transfer journey? Be mindful of the deadlines. For spring applicants, the deadline is October 1, while fall applicants should aim for the priority deadline of February 1. The regular deadline for fall falls on March 1.

UW Madison Transfer Requirements:

To ensure a smooth application process, familiarize yourself with UW Madison’s transfer requirements:

  • Utilize UW Madison’s application for transfer applicants
  • Submit final high school transcripts and official college transcripts
  • SAT or ACT scores are optional
  • Provide one required letter of recommendation

Meeting the Criteria:

To enhance your chances of admission, consider the following:

  • Complete at least 24 credits
  • Engage in rigorous college coursework across various subjects
  • Fulfill prerequisite coursework for Direct Entry programs if applicable
  • Demonstrate strong academic performance, particularly in the first year at your current institution

Transfer GPA: Standards vary by college/major, but a competitive applicant typically has a GPA of 3.0 or above. Direct Entry programs may require higher GPAs.

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Transfer Essays:

Craft compelling essays to showcase your uniqueness. Respond to prompts about your experiences, challenges, and why you want to join UW Madison. Keep each essay within the recommended 300-500 word count.

Transfer Decision Date:

Anticipate your fate by marking the transfer decision dates on your calendar:

  • Priority fall applicants: Decision by March 31
  • Regular fall applicants: Decision by April 30
  • Spring applicants: Decision by December 31

Final Thoughts:

As you embark on this exciting transfer journey, don’t underestimate the value of personal engagement. Book a 30-minute Transfer Student Meeting with a UW Madison admissions officer to gain insights and make a lasting impression. Remember, aside from grades and test scores, non-academic factors such as work experience, leadership, and extracurricular activities play a crucial role in the admission process.


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