www.ui.edu.ng Student Portal Login 2024/2025 | University of Ibadan Student Registration Portal

The University of Ibadan (UI) is renowned for its academic excellence and has implemented an online student registration portal for the convenience of its students. This blog post provides a simple guide on how to access the UI student registration portal, login process, and the various services available.

1. UI Student Registration Portal Login:

  • Emphasize the simplicity of the login process.
  • Instruct students to visit the official UI website at www.ui.edu.ng.
  • Direct them to click on the “Student Portal” tab to access the login page.

2. How to Login to University of Ibadan Student Portal:

  • Explain the login details required, i.e., Matriculation Number and Password.
  • Define Matriculation Number as a unique identifier given to students upon admission.
  • Stress the importance of the password for security reasons.

3. Services Available on UI Student Registration Portal:

  • List services accessible after successful login:
    • Checking UI admission list
    • Updating student bio-data
    • UI school fees payment
    • Viewing payment history
    • Course registration
    • Reprinting course forms
    • Access to academic records
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4. Benefits of UI Student Registration Portal:

  • Highlight the convenience of accessing information remotely.
  • Mention the advantage for students living far from the university or those with busy schedules.
  • Emphasize 24/7 access without the need to visit the administrative offices.

5. Additional Information:

  • Include trending topics on campus to engage readers.
  • Provide links to relevant pages, such as courses offered, post UTME information, school fees, and admission lists.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Add a section answering common questions:
    • How to recover a forgotten password?
    • What to do if Matriculation Number is incorrect?
    • How often should students update their bio-data?
    • Where to seek help for portal-related issues?


Conclude by reiterating the user-friendly nature of the UI student registration portal, its significance in providing crucial information, and the convenience it offers to students. Encourage readers to explore the portal for a seamless academic experience at the University of Ibadan.


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