University of Derby: Tuition, Admissions, Rankings

Are you considering studying abroad and have your sights set on the University of Derby? Look no further – we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide covering everything from tuition fees to admission requirements. Join us as we explore what this esteemed institution in the heart of the United Kingdom has to offer.

Discovering the University of Derby:

Situated in Derby, United Kingdom, the University of Derby has been dedicated to producing highly employable graduates since its establishment in 1851. Boasting a modern campus and cutting-edge facilities, the university places a strong emphasis on hands-on training and professional placements. With an international enrollment of 2,235 students, the University of Derby is making waves in the global education landscape.

World Rankings:

For those curious about the university’s standing on the world stage, the Times Higher Education ranks the University of Derby at #601. It’s a testament to the institution’s commitment to delivering world-class education.

Tuition Fees at a Glance:”

Understanding tuition fees is crucial when planning your educational journey. Here’s a quick overview of the annual tuition fees at the University of Derby:

  • Bachelor’s Tuition Fees:
    • Domestic Students: £9,250 GBP
    • International Students: £14,045 GBP – £14,700 GBP
  • Master’s Tuition Fees:
    • Domestic Students: £6,550 GBP – £7,850 GBP
    • International Students: £14,700 GBP
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Keep in mind that these figures provide a general estimate, and the actual fees may vary based on your chosen program. For precise details, refer to the University of Derby’s official tuition fee pages.

Admissions Process:

Navigating the admission process is a critical step towards your academic journey at the University of Derby. Whether you’re a domestic or international student, understanding the program-specific requirements is essential. To ease your journey, the university provides detailed admission pages for both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Explore the requirements and processes tailored to your academic goals.

Language Requirements:

For international students, meeting language requirements is a key consideration. The University of Derby typically accepts scores from English language tests, such as IELTS. The minimum IELTS score required is 6.0 for both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Specific score requirements may vary by program, so check the university’s language pages for detailed information.

Degrees Offered:

The University of Derby offers a diverse range of programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Some notable programs include:

  • Bachelor’s Programs:

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Animation
    • Construction Management
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Fine Art
    • Human Biology
    • Interior Architecture and Venue Design
    • International Business Management
    • Zoology
  • Master’s Programs:

    • Audio Engineering
    • Civil Engineering and Construction Management
    • Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
    • Creative Writing
    • Criminal Investigation
    • Education
    • Forensic Science
    • International Business and Finance
    • Publishing
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Explore more programs on the University of Derby’s dedicated course pages.


As you embark on your journey towards higher education, the University of Derby stands as a beacon of academic excellence. From its world rankings to detailed admissions information, this guide has equipped you with the essential knowledge to make informed decisions about your study abroad experience. The University of Derby awaits – start planning your dream education today!


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