Top 10 Online Summer Programs for High School Students

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of American teens and young people worldwide. While the 2021-22 academic year brought a semblance of normalcy, the emergence of the Omicron variant has reintroduced uncertainty. Despite the challenges, we encourage college-bound teens, especially those aiming for highly-selective institutions, to make the most of their summers with productive and safe activities. In this blog post, we present a curated list of online summer programs that not only offer enriching experiences but also serve as excellent backup options in case of cancellations or safety concerns.

  1. Summer @Brown Online

    • Tuition: $4,835 – $5,720
    • Eligibility: Ages 15-18, students completing grades 9-12
    • Application Deadline: 5/20 (EA deadline is 1/14)
    • Courses: 14 diverse options in humanities and STEM fields.
  2. Cornell University Summer Session Online

    • Tuition: $1,620 per credit
    • Eligibility: Current 10th-12th grade students
    • Application Deadline: May 6th-27th (by session)
    • Courses: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Classics, and more.
  3. Rice University Summer Sessions

    • Tuition: $750 per credit hour
    • Eligibility: Rising 11th, 12th graders
    • Application Deadline: Rolling through May
    • Courses: 10 offerings including Machine Learning and Data Visualization.
  4. Tufts Pre-College Programs

    • Tuition: $990 per credit
    • Eligibility: Entering 10th-12th graders
    • Application Deadline: Rolling through May 1
    • Courses: 25+ options spanning various academic disciplines.
  5. Boston University – High School Honors Online

    • Tuition: $5,760 (for 8 credits)
    • Eligibility: Rising 11th and 12th graders
    • Application Deadline: 5/27
    • Courses: A dozen online offerings including Chinese, Spanish, and business.
  6. Brandeis University Summer Courses

    • Tuition: $3,100 for 4-credit lecture course; $1,650 for 2-credit lecture course
    • Eligibility: Rising 12th grade students
    • Application Deadline: Open enrollment, enroll prior to May 21
    • Courses: Diverse range with small class sizes.
  7. Purdue University

    • Tuition: $1,050-$3,000 per class
    • Eligibility: Age 16 and above
    • Application Deadline: Rolling
    • Courses: Over 35 online courses in various disciplines.
  8. UC San Diego – FUTURES Programs

    • Tuition: $400-$1,000
    • Eligibility: Rising 10th-12th graders
    • Application Deadline: Rolling
    • Courses: Affordable options in computer science, business management, and life sciences research.
  9. University of Washington Summer Q3uarter Online

    • Tuition: $1,274-$4,055
    • Eligibility: Rising 9th through 12th
    • Application Deadline: Rolling through June
    • Courses: Approximately 50 diverse options including unique offerings like Witchcraft from History to Popular Culture.
  10. Oregon State University
    • Tuition: $326-$362 per credit
    • Eligibility: All high school students
    • Application Deadline: Rolling
    • Courses: Extensive online offerings across various disciplines.
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In the face of ongoing pandemic-related uncertainties, having a backup plan for your summer is essential. The list above provides a diverse range of online summer programs from reputable institutions. Whether you’re interested in humanities, STEM, or business, these programs offer valuable experiences for college-bound teens. Consider these options to ensure a productive and enriching summer, whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or at a local institution.


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