The Best Seattle Private Schools – 2024

Parents in the Emerald City and its surrounding suburbs are blessed with a plethora of exceptional private school options for their children. Choosing the right institution, however, can be overwhelming amidst the abundance of information. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the Best Seattle Private Schools, with a focus on their track record in preparing graduates for admission to top-tier 4-year colleges.

Best Private Schools in Seattle

Check out this quick preview of the high schools included in our list. For detailed profiles and statistics, simply scroll down.

1) Lakeside School

2) The Overlake School

3) Seattle Academy

4) University Prep

5) Eastside Preparatory School

6) The Bear Creek School

7) The Bush School

8) Charles Wright Academy

The Profile:

For each school featured, we aim to provide essential information to aid your decision-making process. This includes:

  1. Location: Discover where each school is situated for convenient commuting.
  2. Tuition (9-12): Understand the financial commitment associated with each institution.
  3. Enrollment (9-12): Learn about the size of the student body in the high school years.
  4. Average SAT Score: Gain insight into the academic performance of students through SAT scores.
  5. Average ACT Score: Explore an additional metric for evaluating student achievement.
  6. Senior Class Size: Understand the class sizes to gauge the level of individualized attention.
  7. College Admissions Highlights: Uncover specific details about the school’s success in sending graduates to top colleges.
  8. Academic Highlights: Learn about the unique academic strengths and offerings of each institution.
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As you embark on the journey of selecting the best private school for your child, this guide is designed to simplify the decision-making process. Keep in mind that our list is geared towards college admissions success, providing valuable insights into each school’s performance in this crucial aspect. Whether you prioritize location, academic strengths, or college admissions track record, these criteria are intended to help you make an informed choice. Best of luck in finding the perfect educational fit for your child’s future!


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