Penn State Transfer Acceptance Rate and Requirements – 2024

Dreaming of being a Nittany Lion at Penn State but faced with the challenge of grades and test scores? Don’t fret! Penn State embraces transfer students, offering hope to around 1,000 qualified applicants annually. In this blog post, we’ll delve into crucial details, including the Penn State transfer acceptance rate, deadlines, application requirements, and more.

Penn State Transfer Acceptance Rate:

As of the fall of 2022, 1,696 students sought transfer admission, with 962 successfully accepted, yielding a transfer acceptance rate of 56.7%. Notably, this figure aligns for both male and female applicants at 57%. Examining historical data, the transfer acceptance rate has shown stability, with a recent spike in the fall of 2021 at 60%.

Historical Transfer Rates:

Understanding the historical transfer rates provides a comprehensive view. In the years 2020, 2019, and 2018, the acceptance rates were 46%, 43%, and 46%, respectively. The consistency in mid-40s rates suggests Penn State’s commitment to facilitating transfer opportunities.

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Penn State Transfer Deadline:

Penn State offers fall, spring, and summer transfer options. For fall applicants, the priority deadline is April 15, with the application open until July 31. Spring applicants should aim for the November 1 priority deadline, with a final deadline of December 1. Summer transfer hopefuls have a priority deadline of March 1 and a final deadline of June 1. It’s essential to note that certain majors may only admit during specific semesters.

Penn State Transfer Application Requirements:

To secure a spot, ensure you meet these requirements:

  1. Penn State application
  2. Final high school transcripts
  3. Official college transcripts
  4. Special materials (e.g., portfolio for architecture)
  5. Completion of at least 18 semester credit hours, with some programs limiting completed full-time semesters
  6. Fulfillment of major-specific course requirements

Average Transfer GPA:

While the minimum GPA required for consideration is 2.5, many programs may demand a higher GPA. To stand out, aim for a GPA of 3.3 or better in this competitive admissions process.

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Transfer Decision Date:

Penn State announces transfer decisions in late spring for those starting in the summer or fall. If applying for the spring semester, expect notification by mid-December.

Final Thoughts:

Penn State prioritizes your performance in college coursework over high school achievements. Before applying, thoroughly review the college course requirements for each prospective college/school within Penn State. Some majors at specific campuses may not accept transfer students. For instance, University Park excludes transfer students from certain engineering programs.


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