Hamilton College USA: Tuition fees, Admission Requirements, University Rankings

Are you considering pursuing higher education in the United States? Hamilton College, nestled in the picturesque village of Clinton, New York, offers a unique and enriching academic experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into essential information about Hamilton College, covering tuition fees, admissions procedures, language requirements, and the university’s global rankings.

Hamilton College Overview:

Founded in 1793, Hamilton College is a private institution known for its commitment to providing a well-rounded education. With an enrollment of around 2,000 students, including 140 international students, Hamilton College embraces an open curriculum approach. This approach allows students the freedom to choose their courses, supplemented by numerous opportunities for off-campus study and research.

Facilities at Hamilton College:

Hamilton College boasts modern facilities, including an observatory and sustainable buildings powered by green energy. This commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge resources enhances the overall learning experience for students.

World Rankings:

For those seeking a globally recognized education, Hamilton College holds respectable positions in world rankings. According to EduRank, it stands at #1421, while UniRank places it at #999. These rankings reflect the institution’s academic excellence and commitment to providing a high-quality education.

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Tuition Fees at Hamilton College:

Understanding the cost of education is crucial for prospective students. Hamilton College’s annual tuition fees for both domestic and international undergraduate students are set at $62,050 USD. It’s important to note that these figures are estimates, and the actual fees may vary based on the chosen program.

Admissions at Hamilton College:

Securing admission to Hamilton College requires a thorough understanding of the process and requirements. The admission process may differ for domestic and international students. Aspiring students can refer to the bachelor’s admission pages for specific details. International students should also check for additional requirements and procedures relevant to their application.

Language Requirements:

For international students, meeting language proficiency requirements is a key aspect of the admission process. Hamilton College accepts scores from recognized English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo. Minimum scores for bachelor’s students are IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 100, and Duolingo 120. These scores may vary depending on the chosen program.

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Degree Programs at Hamilton College:

Hamilton College offers a diverse range of bachelor’s programs, including Asian Studies, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemical Physics, Cinema and Media Studies, Geoarchaeology, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and World Politics. Prospective students can explore detailed information about these programs on the college’s official website.


Hamilton College stands as a beacon of academic excellence, providing students with a unique and flexible educational experience. Whether you’re intrigued by its open curriculum or enticed by its commitment to sustainability, Hamilton College offers a world-class education in a charming setting. For those considering studying in the United States, this institution is certainly worth exploring.


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