Glorious Vision University, Ogwa, Edo State | Overview | Payment Requirement | Application

Glorious Vision University (GVU) stands as a beacon of education and ethics, committed to shaping a new generation equipped with both knowledge and strong moral values. Rooted in the Apostolic Church of Nigeria’s history, GVU received its license from the National Universities Commission in 2011. With campuses in Edo and Lagos, the university has embarked on a mission to craft a brighter tomorrow through top-tier education that integrates academic excellence with ethical principles.

History and Background:

GVU, originally named in honor of Pastor Samuel Adegboyega, began its journey with a prophetic message in 2005. Tasked by The Apostolic Church, LAWNA Territory, the University Core Committee (UCC) was formed to establish the university. Since then, GVU has been dedicated to educating and nurturing a generation that values both knowledge and morality, aiming to contribute to a better future for society.

Academic Structure:

GVU offers a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties. These include:

  • Undergraduate Programs: Covering fields such as Management and Social Sciences, Basic and Applied Sciences, Humanities, and Law.
  • Postgraduate Programs: Offering advanced degrees in disciplines like Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, and more.
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Admission Requirements:

Prospective students can gain admission through various pathways, including UTME Entry, Direct Entry, Conversion Entry, and Transfer Entry. Each pathway has specific requirements that applicants must meet. Detailed instructions on how to apply are provided, along with information on fees and deadlines.


  1. What undergraduate programs does GVU offer? GVU offers programs in Management and Social Sciences, Basic and Applied Sciences, Humanities, and Law.
  2. How can I apply for admission to GVU? To apply, you need to complete the online Application Form on GVU’s Admission Portal and meet the relevant entry requirements.
  3. Are there postgraduate programs available at GVU? Yes, GVU offers a range of postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Economics.
  4. What are the fees for undergraduate programs at GVU? The fees vary depending on the program and are subject to change. Detailed fee schedules are provided on the university’s website.


Glorious Vision University stands as a testament to the power of education intertwined with ethical values. By offering a holistic learning environment and diverse academic programs, GVU aims to empower students to become leaders with integrity, ready to serve society and make a positive impact. For those seeking a transformative educational experience, GVU offers a pathway to a brighter future.

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