Dominican University USA: Tuition fees, Admission Requirements, University Rankings

Are you considering studying abroad in the United States? Look no further than Dominican University, a prestigious institution affiliated with the Catholic church through the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Dominican University, from its rankings and tuition fees to the admission process and language requirements.

Dominican University Overview

Located in River Forest, United States, Dominican University stands out as a top-ranked institution in the Midwest, known for its excellence in undergraduate teaching, social mobility, and value. With a favorable student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, the university offers more than 70 programs for students to choose from.

World Rankings

Wondering how Dominican University fares on the global stage? According to UniRank, it holds a respectable position at #1942. This recognition solidifies its reputation as a key player in the realm of higher education. If you’re ready to take your education to the next level, Dominican University might just be the perfect choice.

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Tuition Fees

Understanding the cost of education is crucial, and at Dominican University, both bachelor’s and master’s students can find competitive tuition fees. For domestic and international students alike, the annual tuition fees for bachelor’s programs range from 17,640 USD to 35,850 USD. Meanwhile, master’s students can expect annual fees between 8,100 USD and 17,100 USD. Keep in mind that these figures provide a general estimate, and the actual fees may vary based on your chosen program.

Admissions at Dominican University

Embarking on your academic journey at Dominican University requires knowledge of the admission process and requirements. The specifics can vary depending on whether you’re a domestic or international student. To make the application process smoother, we’ve compiled admission pages for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Be sure to check the relevant pages to ensure you have all the information you need.

Language Requirements

For international students eyeing Dominican University, understanding language requirements is essential. Proficiency in English is typically required, and the university accepts scores from tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. The minimum scores for bachelor’s and master’s programs are set at 79 for both tests. Keep in mind that program-specific scores may vary, so refer to the language pages of Dominican University for detailed information.

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Degree Programs

Dominican University offers a diverse range of degree programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. From Accounting and Biology to Business Administration and Software Development, there’s a program to suit every academic interest. Explore the bachelor’s and master’s course pages for detailed information on the programs offered.


As you navigate the exciting prospect of studying abroad, Dominican University emerges as a top choice, combining academic excellence with a rich variety of programs. Whether you’re intrigued by its rankings, curious about tuition fees, or eager to understand the admission process, this guide has covered it all. Start planning your educational journey at Dominican University today!


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