Davenport University USA: Tuition fees, Admission Requirements, College Rankings

Are you dreaming of pursuing higher education in the United States? Davenport University, established in 1866, stands as a beacon of opportunities for both local and international students. Offering a unique blend of traditional and modern learning experiences, Davenport University is renowned for pioneering online programs in Michigan at all academic levels.

Davenport University Overview

Situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Davenport University is a private institution with a rich history dating back to 1866. Boasting a student-centric approach, the university provides diverse learning options, allowing students to choose between in-person and online studies based on their preferences. As the university aspires to achieve national prominence, it remains committed to enhancing the quality of education and introducing innovative academic programs.

World Rankings

Davenport University has earned recognition on the global stage, as reflected in its rankings from reputable sources:

  • EduRank: #5015
  • UniRank: #1918

These rankings underscore the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and global competitiveness.

Tuition Fees at Davenport University

Understanding the cost of education is crucial for prospective students. Here’s an overview of the annual tuition fees at Davenport University:

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Bachelor’s Tuition Fees:

  • Domestic Students: $31,860 – $39,825 USD
  • International Students: $31,860 – $39,825 USD

Master’s Tuition Fees:

  • Domestic Students: $17,260 – $33,565 USD
  • International Students: $17,262 – $33,565 USD

While these figures provide an estimate, it’s advisable to check the specific program pages on Davenport University’s website for accurate and detailed information.

Admissions at Davenport University

Embarking on your educational journey at Davenport University involves understanding the admission process, requirements, and relevant information. Admission procedures may vary based on the chosen program and applicant’s status (domestic or international). To simplify your application process, explore the bachelor’s and master’s admission pages on the university’s website

For international students, it’s essential to review additional requirements and validation processes for academic credentials.

Language Requirements at Davenport University

As an international student, understanding the language requirements is crucial. Davenport University generally requires proficiency in English, and acceptable scores from tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo. Here are the minimum scores for admission:

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  • IELTS: 6 | TOEFL: 61 | Duolingo: 90


  • IELTS: 6.5 | TOEFL: 79 | Duolingo: 105

Specific program requirements may vary, so be sure to check the language pages on Davenport University’s website for detailed information.

Degree Programs at Davenport University

Davenport University offers a diverse range of bachelor’s and master’s programs to cater to various academic interests. Some of the programs include:

Bachelor’s Programs:

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Health Services Administration
  • Network Management and Security
  • Applied Business
  • Nursing
  • Marketing
  • Sport Management

Master’s Programs:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology Management
  • Computer Science

For a comprehensive list of academic programs, visit the bachelor’s and master’s course pages on the university’s website.


Choosing the right university for your higher education journey is a critical decision. Davenport University’s commitment to excellence, innovative programs, and global recognition make it a promising choice. Whether you’re considering in-person or online studies, Davenport University opens doors to a world-class education. Explore the possibilities, meet the language requirements, and embark on your educational adventure at Davenport University.

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