Concordia University Chicago USA: Tuition fees, Admission Requirements, University Rankings December 29, 2023

Are you considering studying abroad and eyeing the prestigious Concordia University Chicago? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Concordia University Chicago, from tuition fees and admission requirements to language proficiency and degree programs.

Discovering Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University Chicago, initially a Lutheran teachers’ seminary, has evolved into a top-tier liberal arts institution since its establishment in 1864. Part of the Concordia University system, this private institution is nestled in River Forest, United States, and boasts a total enrollment of 6,205 students, including a diverse international community.

Rankings and Recognition

Before diving into the details, let’s explore Concordia University Chicago’s global standings. According to EduRank and UniRank, it holds positions #4686 and #3141, respectively. These rankings reflect the university’s commitment to academic excellence and make it an attractive destination for prospective students worldwide.

Tuition Fees at Concordia University Chicago

Understanding tuition fees is crucial for planning your educational journey. For both bachelor’s and master’s programs, Concordia University Chicago provides transparency in its fee structure. Here’s a snapshot:

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Bachelor’s Tuition Fees

  • Domestic Students: $33,944 USD
  • International Students: $33,944 USD

Master’s Tuition Fees

  • Domestic Students: $5,520 USD – $8,520 USD
  • International Students: $5,520 USD – $8,520 USD

While these figures offer a general estimate, it’s advisable to check the specific fees for your chosen program on Concordia University Chicago’s official tuition fee pages.

Admission Process at Concordia University Chicago

Embarking on your academic journey at Concordia University Chicago requires a clear understanding of the admission process. Whether you’re a domestic or international student, the university offers detailed admission pages for both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Be sure to review the specific requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth application process.

Language Requirements

For international students, meeting language proficiency criteria is essential. Concordia University Chicago accepts scores from reputable English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo. Here are the minimum scores required:

  • Bachelor’s Program:
    • IELTS: 6.0
    • TOEFL: 72
  • Master’s Program:
    • IELTS: 6.0
    • TOEFL: 72
    • Duolingo: 95
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Program-specific variations may apply, so refer to the university’s language pages for precise information.

Degree Programs Offered

Concordia University Chicago offers a diverse array of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Some notable programs include Art Education, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Criminal Justice, and Leadership: Organizational Leadership. Explore the complete list on the university’s dedicated course pages.


Concordia University Chicago stands as a beacon of educational excellence, providing a transformative experience for students worldwide. Whether you’re drawn to its impressive rankings, comprehensive programs, or vibrant campus, Concordia University Chicago has much to offer.


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