Top Ranking Best Rugby Schools in Ireland

Best Rugby schools in Ireland-Ireland is a country with a rich rugby heritage. The sport is deeply ingrained in the country’s culture, and its top schools have produced some of the world’s best rugby players.

Nonetheless, rugby is, therefore, one of the most popular sports you can find in Ireland, especially in Colleges, unlike in other countries. And the country is home to some of the best rugby schools in the world—There you can find the best rugby school in the world.

These schools have produced some of the best rugby players and have also won numerous championships and trophies in rugby.

However, if you are looking for a top rugby school in Ireland, then this blog post is for you. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best rugby schools in Ireland.

Note: We picked the best Rugby schools in Ireland based on the number of great rugby alumni they have.

Why Attending Any Best Rugby School is Important

Many people may not know the reason why they should attend schools that are the best or good in rugby. However, the answer is simple. 

Attending one of the best schools in Ireland in terms of Rugby provides the best opportunity for students to develop their skills and learn from the best coaches. 

Not to mention, they will also get to compete against some of the best players in the country as they graduate from school. Additionally, if they are serious about playing rugby at the highest level, then attending the best rugby school is a no-brainer.

6 Best Rugby Schools in Ireland

Best rugby schools in Ireland

Here are the 6 best rugby schools in Ireland we picked, based on how active they are and the number of alumni they produced.

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1. Belvedere College

Belvedere College is a Catholic private school located in Dublin, Ireland. The school was founded in 1832 and is affiliated with the Society of Jesus.

When it comes to rugby, Beverage College has produced some of Ireland’s most famous rugby players, including Jack Kyle, Brian O’Driscoll, and Paul O’Connell. Belvedere College is also known for its strong academic programme, and many of its graduates go on to attend top universities around the world.

2. Blackrock College

And just like Belvedere, which is a Catholic school, Blackrock College was also established in 1860 as a voluntary day and boarding Catholic secondary school.

Furthermore, when it comes to sporting games, especially rugby, Blackrock College has produced some of the best rugby players you can find, both in the international team and the local team. They produced players such as Fergus Slattery, Hugo McNeil and much more. They are also known for their strong academy programmes, alongside sports.

3. Castleknock College

Castleknock College is also among one the best rugby schools you can find in Ireland. Castleknock college is a private voluntary secondary school for only boys. The school was founded in the year 1835 by Philip Dowley.

It is also known as one of the top schools where you can study and also learn how to play rugby professionally. 

4. Clongowes Wood College

Clongowes Wood College is also one of the best leading schools in terms of sports, especially rugby.

Clongowes Wood College was founded in 1814 as a voluntary boarding and day school for secondary schools in Clane Ireland. Clongowes Wood College also has great alumni in rugby including Brian Carney, Will Connors and much more.

5. Gonzaga College

Another good rugby school that had great alumni is Gonzaga College. Gonzaga College is a voluntary boy’s Catholic college in Ranelagh Dublin Ireland founded in 1950, and it’s also affiliated with the Society of Jesus Christ. In terms of rugby, they have great alumni including Barry Bresnihan, Dominic Ryan and many more.

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6. Rockwell College

Rockwell College is another school that produced great rugby players. Nonetheless, Rockwell College is a voluntary catholic day and boarding secondary school like every other school we have listed. And in terms of Rugby, they have good achievements and have won multiple competitions.  

FAQs On Best Rugby schools in Ireland

How many rugby schools are in Ireland?

Right now, there are 246 schools across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that play rugby.

Is rugby popular in Ireland?

Yes, rugby is very popular in Ireland. Rugby is a sport that is greatly loved and celebrated in Ireland. It is played and watched by people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the country. In fact, it’s safe to say that rugby is one of the most popular sports in Ireland!

The Irish national rugby union team is known for its incredible success, having won multiple Six Nations Championships and Grand Slams. Additionally, the team has a strong track record in the Rugby World Cup, having reached the quarter-finals or better in every tournament since 1987.

But it’s not just the national team that excels in rugby – there are also numerous amateur and professional teams throughout the country. Four professional provincial teams – Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connacht – compete in the Pro14 competition, which includes teams from Scotland, Wales, Italy, and South Africa. These teams have also had a lot of success in European club competitions, with several Heineken Cup and Champions Cup victories to their names. Rugby is more than just a sport in Ireland – it’s a vital part of the country’s culture and identity. Many people in Ireland follow rugby closely and have a deep connection to their local teams. Whether it’s cheering on the national team during a big game or supporting a local club at a weekend match, rugby is something that brings communities together in Ireland.

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So if you’re ever in Ireland and you see people gathered around a TV or heading to a match, chances are they’re getting ready to watch some rugby.

What is rugby called in Ireland?

Rugby is called “rugbaí” in Ireland, which is the Irish language equivalent of “rugby” in English.

Is rugby the biggest sport in Ireland?

While rugby is a popular and significant sport in Ireland, it is not the biggest sport in terms of overall participation and viewership. Gaelic football and hurling are more widely played and followed in Ireland.

Who is Ireland’s best rugby player?

Ireland has produced a number of amazing rugby players over the years, but it’s tough to pick just one who stands above the rest. Some of the most respected and talented players include Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell, Ronan O’Gara, and Johnny Sexton. They’ve all achieved incredible success in their careers and have made significant contributions to the sport.


Going to any of these best rugby schools in Ireland can be expensive, but it is worth it. Because you are not only going to be in a school that famous rugby players graduated from, you are going to be taught the same techniques that made them so.

Finally, your credibility as an upcoming rugby player would be high if you attend any.


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