Best Private Schools in Orlando – 2024

In the heart of Orlando, where the magic of Disney World and the thrills of Universal Studios captivate children from around the world, the decision of where to send your child to school takes on a significance akin to choosing between iconic theme parks.

At the crossroads of education and opportunity, selecting the right private school becomes a high-stakes game, with numerous factors influencing the decision. In this blog posts, we will College brings you a curated list of the Best Private Schools in Orlando, focusing on our area of college admissions.

Best Private Schools in Orlando

Below is a brief preview of the high schools featured on our list. For detailed profiles and statistics, please continue scrolling.

1) Trinity Preparatory School

2) Windermere Preparatory School

3) Central Florida Preparatory School

4) Lake Highland Preparatory School

5) Lake Mary Preparatory School

6) Montverde Academy

7) Orangewood Christian School

8) The First Academy


Choosing the right private school in Orlando is a pivotal decision for your child’s education and future. College Transitions’ curated list not only highlights the best institutions in the area but also sheds light on their prowess in steering graduates toward the nation’s premier 4-year colleges. Empower yourself with this valuable information as you embark on this important journey of shaping your child’s academic and collegiate success.

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