Best Private Schools in Houston – 2024

Choosing the right private school for your teen in Houston can be a daunting task with over 100 options available. We understand the high stakes involved in this decision and recognize the multitude of factors that parents consider, including academic, emotional, and social needs, as well as financial and logistical considerations. To simplify this process, College Transitions presents a selective list of the Best Private Schools in Houston, focusing on our expertise—college admissions.

Best Private Schools in Houston:

Here’s a sneak peek at our curated list, showcasing schools renowned for successfully preparing graduates for admission to the nation’s premier 4-year colleges:

  1. Strake Jesuit College Preparatory High School
  2. Agnes Academy
  3. St. John’s School
  4. The Awty International School
  5. The John Cooper School
  6. The Kincaid School
  7. Thomas High School
  8. The Emery/Weiner School
  9. Duchesne Academy of Sacred Heart
  10. The Village School

Please note that the order of appearance does not imply ranking; it is merely for navigation convenience. All schools featured have a track record of sending graduates to top colleges in the country.

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Detailed Profiles and Criteria:

For in-depth information, scroll down to find detailed profiles and statistics for each school on our list. Our inclusion process is selective and criteria-based, ensuring that the schools highlighted excel in preparing students for success in college admissions.

Crafting Your Decision:

When making this critical decision, consider factors beyond the list, such as your teen’s unique needs and the school’s academic, emotional, and social environment. Our focus is on college admissions, but we encourage you to explore each school’s overall offering to make an informed choice.


Navigating the multitude of private schools in Houston becomes more manageable with our carefully curated list. We aim to assist parents in finding the best fit for their teens by emphasizing each school’s success in guiding graduates towards top-tier colleges. Explore the detailed profiles below to make an informed decision for your child’s educational journey.


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