Best Online Colleges – Top 10 Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

In the rapidly expanding world of online education, finding a reputable online bachelor’s degree program can be a challenging task. While master’s programs from elite universities dominate Google search results, the quest for quality online undergraduate degrees is often riddled with for-profit institutions and unaccredited programs. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Online Colleges, featuring top-notch institutions offering a range of fully accredited and respected online bachelor’s degree options.

  1. Arizona State University (ASU Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $561-$1,343
    • ASU Online leads the pack with 60+ fully accessible undergraduate degree programs. From Electrical Engineering to Business specializations like Corporate Accounting and Data Analytics, ASU offers a diverse array of options.
  2. Purdue University (Purdue Global)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $315-$371
    • Boasting 175 degree programs, Purdue Global University provides a comprehensive selection of bachelor’s degrees. Students can pursue tracks in Arts & Sciences, Business, Health & Human Services, Computer Science, and more.
  3. Penn State University (World Campus)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $576; flat semester cost is $6,994
    • Penn State World Campus offers 37 bachelor’s degree programs across disciplines such as International Politics, Business, Criminal Justice, and Nursing. Their AACSB-accredited accounting program sets them apart.
  4. University of Maryland (Global Campus)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $300 (in-state); $499 (out-of-state)
    • With 90+ degrees, including IT/Computer Science options, the University of Maryland Global Campus caters to diverse interests. Programs range from Investigative Forensics to Humanities and Social Sciences.
  5. Oregon State University (OSU Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $318
    • OSU Online offers 35 undergraduate programs in languages, sciences, business, and more. With over 1,300 courses available, they accommodate students globally, maintaining a strong reputation in chemistry and beyond.
  6. Colorado State University (CSU Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $476
    • CSU Online provides the same degrees as on-campus counterparts, with options like Business Administration, Computer Science, and unique choices such as Anthropology and Natural Resource Tourism.
  7. University of Florida (UF Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $129 (in-state); $552 (out-of-state)
    • UF Online offers 24 bachelor’s degrees, including Advertising, Digital Arts and Sciences, Microbiology & Cell Science, and traditional majors like Biology and Business Administration.
  8. University of Central Florida (UCF Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $105
    • UCF Online, a cost-effective option, presents over 20 bachelor’s degrees and 35 minors in liberal arts/social sciences, covering English, Political Science, Sociology, and more.
  9. University of Massachusetts (UMass Online)
    • Tuition per course: $125-$1,980
    • UMass Online, a flagship university, offers a range of bachelor’s degrees at reasonable rates. Most programs are 100% online, with some exceptions following a hybrid model.
  10. George Washington University (GWU Online)

    • Tuition per credit hour: $615-$660
    • GWU Online focuses on health sciences and CIS programs, offering prestigious degrees in nursing, computer information systems, and allied health professions.
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How to Choose the Right Online University:

In conclusion, when selecting an online university for your bachelor’s degree, consider the following:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure the institution is accredited.
  2. Reputation: Choose universities respected by employers and graduate schools.
  3. History: Prefer institutions with a solid brick-and-mortar background.

While these ten schools stand out, there are many more options for quality online education. Keep in mind that investing in a university should be a well-researched decision, offering the assurance of a legitimate and respected education. Explore the programs, find the right fit, and embark on your journey to a reputable online bachelor’s degree.


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