Best Colleges at Oxford – 2024

If you’re dreaming of a college experience steeped in history, individual faculty mentorship, and epic libraries, the University of Oxford might just be the perfect fit for you. Renowned as the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford boasts a rich tradition of producing Nobel laureates, political leaders, and historical figures. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique features of Oxford, its tutorial teaching method, and a detailed breakdown of acceptance rates for its 31 undergraduate colleges.

Why Choose Oxford?

Academic Rigor and Personalized Attention:

Oxford’s academic reputation is synonymous with rigor, but fear not – individualized attention from accomplished faculty members ensures students receive the support they need to excel. The tutorial teaching method, involving small-group or one-on-one classes, sets Oxford apart from large lecture-hall formats.

Global Community:

With 46% of its 12,683 undergraduates hailing from over 160 countries, Oxford is a truly cosmopolitan university. Whether you’re from the US, China, or any corner of the globe, you’ll find a diverse and enriching community at Oxford.

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Collegiate Structure:

Oxford’s 39 colleges contribute to its unique charm, each with its own faculty, dorms, and admissions process. As an applicant, you can choose to apply to specific colleges or submit a general application to Oxford without a college preference.

Oxford Colleges – A Walk Through History

Architectural Marvels:

The university, dating back to 1096, is a living testament to history. From the 13th-century St Mary’s Church to the modern Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford’s architecture weaves together the old and the new, creating an inspiring atmosphere for learning.

Application Requirements:

To join this prestigious institution, you’ll need to navigate a standard admissions process, including admissions tests, grade transcripts, a personal statement, and a letter of reference. If shortlisted, an interview with faculty members in your major department awaits.

Oxford Colleges – Acceptance Rates and Insights

Top 15 Colleges Ranked:

  1. Merton College
    • Acceptance rate: 16%
    • Notable alumni: T.S. Eliot, JRR Tolkien
    • Founded in: 1264
  2. St John’s College
    • Acceptance rate: 14%
    • Notable feature: Prioritizes faculty-student connections
    • Founded in: 1555
  3. Lincoln College
    • Acceptance rate: 21.5%
    • Unique feature: Strong sense of community
    • Founded in: 1427
  4. Brasenose College
    • Acceptance rate: 12.5%
    • Notable feature: Reputation for friendliness
    • Founded in: 1509
  5. New College
    • Acceptance rate: 22.8%
    • Notable feature: Prioritizes student welfare
    • Founded in: 1379
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Tips for Choosing the Right College:

When selecting a college, consider:

  1. Whether it offers your major
  2. Acceptance rate
  3. Unique cultural aspects


Embarking on an Oxford education is a journey through time and knowledge. With its rich history, personalized teaching, and a global community, Oxford stands as a beacon of academic excellence. As you explore the diverse colleges and their acceptance rates, remember that each one has its unique strengths and may be the perfect fit for your academic and personal aspirations. Good luck on your journey to Oxford!


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