Best Cheap Universities in Germany for International Students

Are you considering pursuing higher education in Germany without breaking the bank? Look no further! Germany, known for its top-notch universities and innovative research, also offers affordable options for international students. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best cheap universities in Germany, providing you with excellent education while keeping costs in check.

1. Georg-Augusta University of Göttingen:

Established in 1734, Georg-Augusta University is a public research institution that stands out for its commitment to excellence. As a member of the German Universities Excellence Initiative, it aims to be among the top 10% of universities worldwide by 2022. With low living costs, this university is a perfect choice for international students seeking quality education on a budget.

2. University of Hamburg:

Founded in 1919, the University of Hamburg boasts a diverse range of programs and a strong research focus. Offering 87-degree programs, including courses in English, this university provides international students with ample options. With lower tuition fees for English language programs, it’s a cost-effective choice for those looking to study in Germany.

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3. University of Stuttgart:

Home to around 36,000 students, the University of Stuttgart is renowned for its work in computer science, engineering, and physics. With partnerships with over 400 universities globally, students have a broad spectrum of degree programs to choose from. The affordable cost of living in Stuttgart makes it an attractive destination for budget-conscious international students.

4. Technical University of Berlin:

Established in 1879, the Technical University of Berlin is one of Germany’s largest institutions, hosting over 37,000 students from 120 countries. With a consistent ranking among the top 100 universities globally, it offers a diverse range of programs across its 10 campuses. The international community at TU Berlin makes it an enriching and affordable choice for students.

5. Ludwig Maximilians University:

Founded in 1471, Ludwig Maximilians University, also known as the University of Munich, is one of Germany’s oldest and largest universities. Ranked 8th globally for research excellence, it provides an extensive range of courses. Despite its prestigious reputation, the university maintains reasonable tuition fees and living costs, making it accessible to international students on a budget.

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6. Karlsruher Institute of Technology:

As one of Germany’s largest research institutions, KIT boasts a diverse and international community with over 12,000 staff and students from 100 countries. Established in 1825, it offers a range of programs in a non-profit and autonomous setting. With its commitment to innovation, KIT provides an affordable yet high-quality education to international students.

7. Heidelberg University:

Founded in 1386, Heidelberg University is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. With over 150 fields of study, it accommodates approximately 31,000 students from 110 countries. Despite its rich history and academic standing, Heidelberg University maintains reasonable tuition fees and living costs.


These top affordable universities in Germany for international students not only provide quality education but also offer budget-friendly tuition fees and a low cost of living. Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge research, engineering, or literature, Germany’s diverse universities have something to offer for every aspiring student. Make your dream of studying in Germany a reality without compromising your budget!

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