Baze University

Welcome to Baze University in Abuja, Nigeria, where quality education meets global standards. Let’s explore everything you need to know about admission, fees, and scholarships at Baze University.

Introduction to Baze University:

Baze University, founded in 2011, is renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch education in Nigeria. With a focus on international standards, the university offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs across several faculties.

Admission Process Simplified:

Joining Baze University is a seamless process. Create an online application account, complete the form with accurate information, upload required documents, pay the application fee, and don’t miss the deadline. For undergraduate programs, ensure you meet the minimum O’level credits and JAMB score requirements.

Understanding Baze University Fees:

Baze University tuition fees vary based on the faculty and program. For example, undergraduate fees range from N2,994,750 for Computing & Applied Sciences to N5,025,000 for Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). It’s crucial to view these fees as an investment in your future.

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Exploring Scholarship Opportunities:

Baze University offers various scholarships to support deserving students. Merit Scholarships reward academic excellence, Need-Based Scholarships ease financial burdens, and Special Scholarships cater to unique paths like STEM fields. The application process is transparent and accessible to all.

Is Baze University Right for You?:

Baze University stands out for its strong academic record, experienced faculty, modern facilities, international focus, and supportive student services. While it has its strengths, consider factors like academic workload and campus location before making your decision.


  1. Does Baze University offer scholarships? Yes, Baze University offers Merit, Need-Based, and Special Scholarships to support students.
  2. How much is Baze University school fees? Tuition fees vary based on the faculty and program, ranging from N2,994,750 to N5,025,000.
  3. Is Baze University still giving admission? Yes, Baze University is currently accepting applications for the 2023/2024 academic year. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and submit your application before the deadline.
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