Austin Peay State University USA: Tuition Fees, Admissions, Rankings

Are you considering studying abroad and exploring the vibrant landscape of educational opportunities in the United States? Look no further than Austin Peay State University, a beacon of affordable education and inclusivity located in Clarksville, Tennessee. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the university’s offerings, admission process, tuition fees, and more, providing you with the essential information you need to embark on your educational journey.

Austin Peay State University Overview:

Situated in Clarksville, Tennessee, Austin Peay State University has been a cornerstone of quality education since its founding in 1927. The university boasts a total enrollment of 9,835 students and is committed to fostering research through state-of-the-art resources and hands-on supervision by dedicated staff.

World Rankings:

Wondering where Austin Peay State University stands on the global stage? According to EduRank, it holds the 2287th position, while UniRank places it at 1559th. These rankings reflect the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and student success.

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Tuition Fees:

Affordability is a key highlight of Austin Peay State University. For both bachelor’s and master’s students, tuition fees are designed to be reasonable, making quality education accessible to all. The annual tuition fees range from 6,816 USD to 14,680 USD, depending on the program and student type. International students are welcomed with open arms, with specific fees outlined for their convenience.

Admissions at Austin Peay State University:

Understanding the admission process is crucial, and we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a domestic or international student, navigating through the admission pages for bachelor’s and master’s degrees will provide you with valuable insights. Be sure to check for any program-specific requirements as you prepare to embark on your academic journey at Austin Peay State University.

Language Requirements:

For international students, proficiency in English is essential. Austin Peay State University accepts scores from reputable English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo. Minimum scores for bachelor’s and master’s students are set at 61 for IELTS, 5.5 for TOEFL, and 85 for Duolingo. Program-specific variations may apply, so be sure to check the university’s language pages for detailed information.

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Degree Programs:

Austin Peay State University offers a diverse range of degree programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. From Chemistry and Biology to Software Engineering and Healthcare Administration, the university caters to a wide array of academic interests. Explore the comprehensive course pages to discover the full spectrum of programs available.


Austin Peay State University stands as a beacon of affordable education, inclusivity, and academic excellence. Whether you’re a local or an international student, the university’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment makes it an ideal destination for your educational pursuits. Unlock the doors to your future – explore Austin Peay State University and pave the way for a fulfilling academic journey.


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