Augusta University USA: Tuition Fees, Admissions, Rankings

Are you considering Augusta University for your studies? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Augusta University, from tuition fees and admission requirements to language proficiency and available degree programs. Let’s make your journey to Augusta University as smooth as possible.

Augusta University Overview:

Augusta University, located in Augusta, United States, is a renowned institution specializing in health, sciences, and medicine. Established in 1828, it is part of the University System of Georgia and boasts a prominent medical school. With multiple campuses in Georgia and satellite locations in Albany, Rome, and Savannah, Augusta University attracts students from around the globe.

World Rankings:

Curious about Augusta University’s global standing? Here’s a snapshot:

  • US News Best Global Universities: #833

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Tuition Fees:

Understanding the cost of education is crucial. Augusta University provides a range of tuition fees for both bachelor’s and master’s students:

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Bachelor’s Tuition Fees:

  • Domestic Students: $6,892 – $28,378 USD
  • International Students: $22,270 – $28,378 USD

Master’s Tuition Fees:

  • Domestic Students: $5,504 – $29,390 USD
  • International Students: $25,924 – $29,390 USD

While these figures offer estimates, the actual fees depend on your chosen program. For precise details, refer to Augusta University’s [tuition fee pages](link to the page).

Admissions Process:

Ready to embark on your academic journey at Augusta University? Whether you’re a domestic or international student, understanding the admission process is vital. Augusta University provides detailed admission pages for both [bachelor’s](link to the page) and [master’s](link to the page) programs. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and steps to ensure a successful application.

Language Requirements:

If you’re an international student, you might be wondering about language proficiency. Augusta University accepts scores from English language tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. Here are the minimum scores required:

  • Bachelor’s: IELTS 6.9, TOEFL 6.5
  • Master’s: IELTS 7.9, TOEFL 6.5
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Ensure to check Augusta University’s [language pages](link to the page) for program-specific requirements.

Degree Programs:

Augusta University offers a diverse range of degree programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Some options include:

Bachelor’s Programs:

  • Accounting
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Ecology
  • Financial Services
  • Health Humanities

Master’s Programs:

  • Art Education
  • Biological and Computational Mathematics
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Data Science
  • Elementary Education
  • Foreign Language Education
  • Information Security Management


Your educational journey at Augusta University awaits! Armed with insights into tuition, admissions, language requirements, and degree programs, you’re well-prepared to make informed decisions.


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