25 Most Conservative Colleges in the U.S. in 2024

In the pursuit of higher education, finding a college that aligns with your values can significantly enhance your overall experience. Whether you are politically active or simply want a campus that mirrors your core beliefs, selecting a school with similar political leanings can offer a sense of community and shared values.

For individuals leaning towards the right side of the political spectrum, conservative colleges may be the ideal choice. These institutions not only attract like-minded students but also provide a platform for involvement in clubs and organizations centered around conservative principles. Additionally, the faculty at conservative colleges often lean towards the right, ensuring an education that aligns with your values.

Let’s explore the characteristics and offerings of the top 25 most conservative colleges in America:

1) Brigham Young University

Location: Provo, UT
Acceptance Rate: 67%
BYU, guided by the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, emphasizes faith-based practices and spirituality. Students are expected to attend church services regularly and abstain from alcohol and tobacco.

2) Liberty University

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Acceptance Rate: 99%
A Christian academic community, Liberty focuses on a faith-based curriculum, encouraging students’ commitment to a Christian life.

3) Cedarville University

Location: Ohio
Acceptance Rate: 65%
Cedarville combines a high standard of education with Christian ideals, fostering a strong sense of community through various campus organizations.

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4) Utah State University

Location: Utah
Acceptance Rate: 94%
Initially an agricultural college, Utah State has grown into a public university with a focus on research in land, air, water, and space.

5) Palm Beach Atlantic University

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Acceptance Rate: 95%
A Florida-based Christian university, Palm Beach Atlantic values leadership, service, and an academic curriculum rooted in spiritual growth.

6) Biola University

Location: La Mirada, California
Acceptance Rate: 58%
Biola is known for its biblically-centered education, offering programs in business, film, sciences, theology, and more.

7) Samford University

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Acceptance Rate: 83%
A Christian university focused on high academic quality, Samford incorporates community service and global engagement into its curriculum.

8) Grove City College

Location: Pennsylvania
Acceptance Rate: 71%
Shaped by Christian values, Grove City College provides a tight-knit community with around 2,500 undergraduates.

9) Southern Methodist University

Location: Dallas, Texas
Acceptance Rate: 52%
SMU offers a variety of majors and emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, open dialogue, integrity, intellectual freedom, diversity, and inclusion.

10) Lee University

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Acceptance Rate: 73%
With over 150-degree programs, Lee University provides a Christian-centered environment near the Appalachian Mountains.

11) Angelo State

Location: Texas
Acceptance Rate: 78%
Core values at Angelo State include integrity, diversity and inclusion, and community, with a focus on producing highly competitive graduates.

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12) George Fox University

Location: Newberg, Oregon
Acceptance Rate: 92%
A conservative college in Oregon, George Fox emphasizes spiritual growth and academic rigor.

13) University of Mississippi

Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Acceptance Rate: 97%
Known as “Ole Miss,” the university focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and offers a variety of student organizations.

14) Anderson University

Location: South Carolina
Acceptance Rate: 52%
With top majors in Christian Studies, Supply Chain Management, and Cybersecurity, Anderson University prepares students with intellectual and academic rigor.

15) Oral Roberts University

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Acceptance Rate: 99%
Oral Roberts is driven by a Christian-based curriculum, teaching students to be leaders in their community and globally.

16) Maranatha Baptist University

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin
Acceptance Rate: 75%
A private Baptist university focusing on liberal arts education and faith-based studies.

17) North Greenville University

Location: South Carolina
Acceptance Rate: 76%
Emphasizing leadership skills, North Greenville is a Christ-centered institution with a spiritually-rooted education.

18) University of Tennessee – Martin

Location: Tennessee
Acceptance Rate: 88%
A smaller campus with over 100 degree programs, UT-Martin offers Division I athletics and is described as “a small-town university for people with big dreams.”

19) Bob Jones University

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Acceptance Rate: 89%
A Christian liberal arts university with an emphasis on scripture and academic excellence.

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20) Campbell University

Location: North Carolina
Acceptance Rate: 89%
A Christian university focusing on academic rigor, spirituality, and sustainability.

21) University of North Georgia

Location: Georgia
Acceptance Rate: 69%
A designated State Leadership Institution and one of only six Senior Military Colleges in the nation.

22) Wisconsin Lutheran College

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Acceptance Rate: 94%
A small Christian university with a focus on Christian leadership and service.

23) Concordia University – Wisconsin

Location: Wisconsin
Acceptance Rate: 70%
A Lutheran university committed to developing students in mind, body, and spirit.

24) Wayne State College

Location: Nebraska
Acceptance Rate: 75%
A college with a low student-to-faculty ratio, providing a personal and individualized educational setting.

25) Harding University

Location: Searcy, Arkansas
Acceptance Rate: 45%
A military-friendly Christian university with a mission to provide quality education rooted in Christian values.


While choosing a conservative college aligning with your values is essential, it’s equally important to embrace diverse opinions and engage in healthy debates for a well-rounded educational experience. Consider factors such as safety rankings and your major when making this crucial decision. Ultimately, finding a comfortable environment that challenges your thinking will contribute to a fulfilling college journey.


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